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I would like to express my gratitude to Gina for giving me my life back. Before Gina my back would go out, I would end up on the floor for a week at a time in severe pain dealing with muscle spasms. I would have to make trips to my doctors office for injections for the muscle spasms and pain medications just so I could get up. Since Gina, I have not had to return to my doctors office for those awful injections and the pain pills in the last 5-6 years. Thank you Gina.
Naples, FL
I have been getting massages for almost 20 years and have had some very excellent therapists. My needs have changed over the the years and in recent years I have had 2 hip replacements. I had a hard time dealing with post-surgical limitations and continuing pain. My walking ability was severely limited a year after the second hip was replaced. I began researching Eric Dalton and his Myoskeletal Technique (MAT) based on my physical therapist's recommendation. As I read about him I saw a new way to deal with pain and to improve my mobility. I searched for a Dalton certified therapist in Naples and fortunately, I found Gina. I have been seeing Gina for just over 2 months. In that short time my hip mobility has significantly improved and my pain has reduced such that I no longer take either a pain medication or an NSAID. I had been on both for over 3 1/2 years. What a victory! As I continue to progress under Gina"s treatment I have begun to see improvements in other aspects, as well. Neck pain due to TMJ and shoulder pain due to older rotator cuff injuries are gradually easing. I am sold on the Dalton MAT and on Gina as well. Thank You, Gina!
Naples, FL
My massage therapist is the best... I wish everyone had the opportunity to have a massage by her. I have been going to Gina Stavredes for 7 years. I am 66 years old and had never really had the opportunity to have a massage. After going to her I could not imagine another. She has such a comfortable, quiet office. She spends time picking the type of music she thinks her clients would like best. It is always so soothing. Her office and massage center is always so clean and beautifully decorated. At each visit she professionally asks hows your body is doing and is there something in particular that is bothering you. If not, she proceeds with a full body massage which makes you feel like a million dollars. I would recommend massage to anyone and if possible try to come see Gina. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Naples, FL
More than four years ago I was fortunate to initiate services with Gina. While I was familiar with massage therapy going back to my earlier life in Ohio, I learned that it does indeed make a major difference who provides the massage therapy services! Gina's training is way more than average. Further, her experience spans almost two decades. No wonder she receives many clients as referrals from doctors and existing clients! The professional space is ideal including very adequate, clean and modern facility. Perhaps the strongest trait of Gina is her caring attitude that together with her skills and professionalism make for why I plan to continue having Gina be my massage therapist, advisor, and friend.
Naples, FL
My experiences throughout the 11 years of receiving massage therapy from “Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork” with Gina Stavredes have been pleasurable and beneficial to my overall body condition. My previous surgical procedures have debilitated my body to a point were just doing the daily basis choirs became very hard to accomplish. After completing the first two massage treatments with Gina, I came under the realization of how important it was to have such a skilled therapeutic professional performing the necessary treatments my body was necessitating. After the first initial two therapy treatments I was able to start performing the basic choirs again without much discomfort, such a joy! When receiving my therapy treatments with Gina, the entire environment in the room is very relaxing, so peaceful I feel like I am on a mini vacation from the stress of everyday life. Gina massage technics of using deep pressure where needed and lighter pressure on other sensitive areas make the therapy session very gratifying. I have had other women massage therapist perform therapy on my body but they did not have the hand strength my body needed for obtaining the necessary relief. Please don’t let Gina’s size and statue deceive you, God has blessed her with surprisingly strong hands required for her profession. Beyond her professionalism, I have found that Gina truly cares about the individual having the treatment done, their health condition, their circumstances – mind and spirit. Gina is very dedicated to her profession and is simply the best therapist ever!!!
Naples, FL
I highly recommend Gina as a massage therapist. Her gentle personality helps you feel relaxed immediately. Before your treatment, she asks questions to make sure your massage is specific to your needs. She uses pure, natural oils and lotions in her practice, which is very important to me. Gina has many years of experience, which comes across in the techniques she uses and the professional touch on your body. The treatment room is comfortable with an aromatic, relaxing atmosphere. I recently experienced my first facial massage by Gina. I felt extremely pampered with the, mud, honey, and papaya pumpkin mask. My fine lines and wrinkles appeared diminished after the facial! What a difference! I absolutely look forward to my monthly appointments with Gina!
Naples, FL
I learned of Gina's highly developed therapeutic massage skills from a friend and client of Gina's several years ago. I soon became aware of the benefits and healing ability that a therapeutic massage provided. I learned how to properly receive a massage and found the process therapeutic and so relaxing. Gina focuses on sore or strained areas of your body for healing purposes and, when identified, avoids any injured areas unless she feels she can provide relief. Gina's massages are not the type of massage you would receive at a massage chain; clearly, Gina is very well educated and knowledgeable about the body and its muscular system. She is intent on administering just the right pressure that you want during the massage. I thoroughly endorse Gina Stavredes without reservation to anyone who is looking for a personalized massage!
Naples, FL