Blemish Fix SPF 30 Mineral Moisture Cream


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1 ounce. All skin types: heals blemishes, red skin, restores damaged and dry skin. A non-irritating and oil-free SPF 30 hydrating moisturizer excellent for all skin types with an exceptional ability to heal breakout prone skin due to its blemish healing 7% Zinc Oxide ingredient. Aside from sunburn, the sun can dry and crack the skin and why one must use long lasting ingredients with a natural ability to capture and retain moisture. Our natural beeswax provides excellent emollient benefits to keep the skin soft and hydrated with nutrient rich essential lipids. Natural Carnauba, an ingredient derived from the leaves of the African palm tree is added to provide additional moisturizing properties and a glamorous radiance to the skin. 7% Zinc Oxide is among the most effective and reliable full spectrum UV sun protectors. Zinc oxide sits on top of the skin as opposed to being absorbed into the skin, allowing it to screen both UVA & UVB rays from the sun. Because it resides on the surface of the skin, it won’t irritate the skin or produce allergic reactions.

Weight 1 oz